About Stephan Addison

Attorney Stephan Addison holds eight years of experience working for law firms and serving as general counsel to private companies. Since 2006, Stephan Addison has worked as a business and land-use lawyer for Esquire Legal Services, which maintains offices in Chicago and Madison, Wisconsin. Outside of work, he enjoys donating to nationwide nonprofits engaged in research and outreach regarding breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, and animal rights and protection.

Prior to pursuing a career in law, Stephan Addison earned a Bachelor of Arts from Lewis University, where he doubled majored in criminal/social justice and history. He went on to study international business transactions and sales law at the Comparative and International Law Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and earned a Juris Doctor from the University of Wisconsin Law School, where he was consistently on the Dean’s List. In addition, Mr. Addison completed a Master’s degree in Real Estate and Urban Land Economics at the Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin. Following his graduate work, Mr. Addison served as an associate attorney in the business services group of a major law firm in Chicago for approximately 3 years before joining Esquire Legal Services and DaneVest Capital, LLC, as general counsel.

During his career at Esquire Legal Services, Stephan Addison has provided legal counsel for a wide range of business and property related matters. In the past, he represented businesses, partnerships, and individual professionals in real estate acquisitions, development projects, and dispositions. Mr. Addison has also negotiated and prepared property sales agreements, mergers and acquisitions, commercial leases, and similar complicated transactions. Outside of the office, Mr. Addison actively participates in the Wisconsin State Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association, and volunteers his services to local nonprofits and government agencies, including the Dane County Foreclosure Prevention Taskforce, the Dane County Small Claims Clinic, and the Wisconsin Lawyers Assistance Program.


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