Steve Addison: Campaign in Support of C# Inmates


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For nearly a decade, Steve Addison has performed as an attorney in Illinois and Wisconsin. Currently representing clients of Esquire Legal Services, Addison served as an Attorney Volunteer with Campaign in Support of C# Inmates.

Campaign in Support of C# Inmates dedicates itself exclusively to nearly 350 Illinois prisoners sentenced before 1978 under a now defunct law. Incarcerated for indeterminate prison lengths, many of these persons have spent decades longer in prison than those convicted of the same crime after 1978. Furthermore, these individuals have shown themselves to be model prisoners who continued their education, received vocational training, and became leaders. The group of C# prisoners who were released possess the state’s Department of Corrections’ highest rate of parole success.

Since forming, the Campaign in Support of C# Inmates has made significant strides in aiding these persons. Volunteers with the organization research various issues and write to legislators about the need for change. Representatives from the Department of Corrections, the Prisoner Review Board, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office, and other agencies speak to the group and provide further insight into these matters. Additionally, Campaign in Support of C# Inmates brings awareness to its cause on radio stations and cable television shows.